About Us
Livos Energy leading renewable energy project developer specialising in onshore wind energy and ground mounted solar PV. We work with landowners to yield a secure and regular income from renewable projects. We deliver the resource and you relinquish the risk.

A few words about us

Founded in 2011 by former farmer James Madigan, Livos was launched to deliver commercial scale renewable energy projects which make a positive contribution to our environment. His background as a farmer means James has a very real understanding of the needs and priorities of landowners and this puts him in the perfect place to work effectively with his peers.

The company is built on the premise that landowners need accessible advice and realistic expectations. Over the past decade we have built a professional management team which covers: surveying, planning and development, management, community liaison, and the all-important area of project management. The combination of this expertise ensures Livos’ partners benefit from the very best advice and support at all times.

At Livos we appreciate that whilst landowners and farmers may be keen to yield income from redundant or unused land, they may not have the resource, knowledge or time to actually undertake the project. As specialists in the field, we are able to take the pain away and work with our partners to offer regular income without any financial commitment or risk.